Purpose of this page
This page is designed to give a general overview of the planned features of M.A.V. These are confirmed features and considered ‘Minimum Spec’ and thus I am comfortable talking openly about their plans. This is NOT a comprehensive feature list, as there are many features, both in the game and planned, that are not on this list, either because it is a small feature or it’s future is unknown.



  • Parts
  • Game Modes
    • Arena Mode
    • Siege Mode
  • Levels
  • Social
    • Stats Tracking
    • Achievements
    • Friends


  • Art
  • Campaign Mode
    • Primary Server
    • Player Servers
  • Advanced AI
    • Persistent AI
    • AI Mercs
  • Levels
  • Voice Chat


  • Story Mode
    • Full Sound Track
    • Voice acting
    • 6 player co-op support
    • Missions
  • Continued Support
    • Server API
    • Mac Support
    • Console Ports



Each Part category will use a procedural part system to generate hundreds of unique parts. These parts will be spread across many ‘tiers’, each tier being better then the previous, but require more resources to acquire.

The plan is to have a total of 100 tiers, though a single part category will not always span all 100 tiers. An example of this would be the Machine Gun weapon, which has a highest tier of 50. As the design is updated, each part category will be updated with a tier range reflecting it’s availability in the game.



machine gun, gatling gun, shotgun, assault rifle, battle rifle, sniper rifle, sniper cannon, rail gun, grenade launcher, mortar, bombs, mines, rocket pack, rocket, bazooka, howitzer, cannon, auto cannon, flame thrower, spikes, saw, ramming spikes, hydraulic ram


Biped, Digigrade, Reverse Joint, Treads, Wheels, Quad, Hexapod 


turret deploy, repair deploy, wall deploy, barrier deploy,  CommSys, uplink deploy, night vision, heat vision, heat sink, fire suppression


straight spacer, angled spacer, V spacer, T spacer, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, broad armor, 


Game Modes.

Each game mode is designed in such a way as to provide a completely different experience in M.A.V.. This primarily is achieved by varying the amount of overall strategy a team or player needs to utilize to compete against other players of a similar skill.

Arena Mode

Arena mode is the most basic game mode. This is a death match mode focused on players that only want to hone combat skills without having to worry about overall strategy. Respawns are generally in place and this mode can be played as a free for all or as teams.

This mode will be playable in either single or multiplayer, with all features being available in both.

Siege Mode

Siege mode is a step towards the more strategic players. There is much more to worry about than just disabling your enemies. With the addition of bases to protect and destroy, as well as radar blackout [unless you have a CommSys], and no respawns, teamwork and coordination will be the determining factor setting the winning team apart.


Combat areas play a very important role in determining how things play out. The goal of M.A.V. is to have several different biomes that provide a fun, interesting, and dynamic play environment.

Alpha levels include at least 1 of the following :
Desert, Forest, Snowy Mountain, Canyon, Swamp, Arid Badlands, Rocky cliffs, and a Mountain valley



M.A.V. is a multiplayer game and social aspects are an important part of that. Whether it’s earning bragging rights or playing with friends, the game needs to support and make it easy to play with others


Stats tracking allows you to look at your progress on a larger scale. Having stats tied to your online profile also allows you to share and brag about your stats.


Achievements are a unique way to reward players for doing some amazing or above and beyond normal gameplay. Having a system in place to deliver these rewards and allow players to display them is very important.


Friends, teammates, mortal enemies, all are important to enjoying M.A.V.. Having a way to track who is online, who you played with, and who you don’t like playing with are crucial to helping building the online community.


This is the current stage of development


While I never believe graphic are greater than gameplay. having a unified style is important to immersion and being taken seriously to new players. A complete remake of the art assets to have final quality and a unified style will happen at this stage. This is likely to be the most time consuming and expensive part of the project.


Campaign Mode.

Campaign mode is the ultimate M.A.V. game mode, using everything from the previous modes and wrapping it in a mete game of strategy. You will be taking part in a persistent war for control of Europa, capturing territories, making and breaking alliances, growing your ranks, and managing your resources. Will you conquer your enemies with brute force, diplomatic maneuvering, or by starving out their resources?

Support will be created for a primary ‘official’ server as well as ensuring that any player can also create and manage their own version of the war as well.

Advanced AI


AI will be unrelenting, always planning and providing a challenge in campaign mode. They will have active periods and ‘down time’ just like a human player would. They will observe, plan, and execute strategies against you and will be as close to playing real players as possible. They will build M.A.V.s to counter your favorite builds and use tactics to push you to the edge. Most importantly, they will always be learning.


Not to be outdone by the AI, you will be able to grow your ranks with both human and AI controlled players. Watch and train your AI members to play in the role that fits their strengths and allows you to become a well oiled machine in combat.


Additional levels will be created that match the previously established themes but bring in some new, unique, biomes as well

Beta levels include at least 5 more levels of either the previous biomes or 1 of the following:
Cave, City, Junkyard 


Voice Chat.

The final aspect of player communication is to bring native voice chat support into the multiplayer components of M.A.V.. This will allow players to have instant communication with their friends in the game without the reliance of a 3rd party plugin or application.


Story Mode.

The final game mode is a full featured story mode with ~10 missions, all playable in one of the 6 roles, for a total of ~60 playable story missions. Each mission is played as a 6 person team, though they can be played in single player by having 5 AI players play the missing roles. This also means you can play these missions with up to 5 of your friends as well.

The story will allow you to play through the original events that lead up to the full rebellion that currently grips Europa.


Sound track

Play through the story to an epic sound track created by the very talented Varien. Varien, having already composed 3 of the tracks, is very excited about the emotional feel the story has and how he can complement it with his incredible musical talents.

Voice Acting

Every proper story will require voices at some point and M.A.V. is no different. At this time, professional voice actors will be cast for the primary roles and added in at the key moments in the story.

6 Player Co-Op

Since M.A.V. is born primarily of the comradery that a team brings, it only makes sense to be able to bring that team into the story with you. 6 players, all playing towards the same goal, must use teamwork to overcome the impressive obstacles that stand in their way.


The missions will have quite the variety to them, with each mission being broken down into 6 separate role paths. Playing a mission as a sniper will result in a completely different perspective than playing the same mission as a soldier. Some times the paths will be directly intertwined, other times they will be loosely connected.


Continued Support.

No game can ever truly be done and it is my mission to continue to evolve and update the M.A.V. world for many years to come.

Server Api

By opening up the server communication system, I hope to allow players to modify the way the server handles all gameplay events. This should allow M.A.V. to have completely open gameplay mods, without running the risks of having to mod your client or give server owners sensitive log in details.

Mac Support

Getting M.A.V. into the hands of Mac users is a large goal of mine. I don’t want anyone to feel left out of amazing mech combat!

Console Ports

If things go well, I would love to bring M.A.V. to the store shelves in the form of Xbox One and/or PS4 ports. While I will always believe PC mech games are amazing, I would have never have made M.A.V. if it wasn’t for a certain console game, so I feel coming full circle feels right.