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    What are you reading?
    Do you have any recommendations?
    Just wanna talk about books?

    Lets get the conversation rolling.

    If anyone likes a humorous book set in space I recommend The Martian and We are many (We are Bob) they have a certain dry humor and nerdy references that satisfy the appetite for such things.

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    Ever read the Harry Potter Series? Definitely worth a read.

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    Harry Potter was definitely a fun series to read while growing up.

    Going with the same relative genre Artemus Fowl was a good series too. Had a mastermind protagonist and a magically inclined hidden society. I think I like it more than Harry Potter.

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    I always like to recommend The Stand. It’s a very interesting book, though a bit long. It’s not ‘typical’ Stephen King, from what I hear, and it was a very enjoyable read for me.

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    favorite book: bram stokers dracula

    favorite book series: sherlock holmes

    the professor challenger books are also great (except for land of mist) and lovecrafts dream cycle is also fantastic, i love the dream quest for unknown kadath

    currently reading though? several cookbooks and trying to force myself to finish the art of war by niccolo machiavelli

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    Artemis Fowl really, really got worse as it went. Like, I feel like Colfler was attempting to get the series killed, but they kept selling. Here’s hoping the movies are better.

    Currently reading the Ring of Fire series, by Eric Flint and about a dozen other authors. West Virginia coal-mining town gets teleported back in time to the 17th century in the middle of Germany during the 30 Years War. ‘Murica ensues.

    Also the Dinosaur Lords books. Interesting, more political than I was expecting, but interesting.

    As for crispier Sci Fi, there’s about a dozen different Mars based stories I’ve read. On that stands out is Eric Flint’s Boundary series.

    One of my all-time favorites is “The Redemption of Althalus” by the Eddingses. Fantasy time-travel done right. Also gods and destiny and bronze age and stuff.

    But man. I just gt too many books.

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    Ring of Fire series is great. I’ve got what feels like 20 books in that series or more. I want to eventually read the Granville Gazette ones for those short stories.

    Yeah fowl slowly got less cool but it was still a fun ride.

    Pretty much all the Thrawn books are great.

    Recently I’ve been reading a series called Star Force which is a military orientated series where alien machines invaded earth and we gotta fight off constant threats.

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    I am currently reading 101 dog tricks by Chalcy and Kyra Sundance.
    I am trying to figure out what else does my Pomeranian can do using his dog toys at home.

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