A change to how CommSys works

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    When you have a Commander System on your team everyone can see the friend and foe dots on the map. I was thinking about IFF and the fact that everyone sort of gets a free IFF if one person brings the system and doesn’t die.

    So I was thinking what if the mav icons where grey instead of team colored on the map for everyone who doesn’t have a CommSys installed? You would still get the same details but only those who have the Auxiliary installed will know what team each dot is.

    For everyone else they’d have to know “Hey that dot shouldn’t be a teammate, they can’t reach that part of the map yet.” In this way it gives the CommSys owner an advantage while not removing the full functionality to everyone else on the team.

    What is everyone else’s thoughts?

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    There are already a large number of complaints about not having in-world IFF. I think removing that secondary functionality from the Commsys would make Siege mode even more un-accessible.

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