A few things i\'ve noticed on [8.0.1]

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    – The AI tends to sit there and take hits, not focusing on those that get close, switch targets, engage, etc. I have also noticed that the AI stands around like statues until you get close and then start firing. Howitzer-using AI’s don’t fire their weapons as often as they should, especially at ranges they can hit a target. The AI still overestimates velocity when it comes to attempting to hit a target with slow-velocity weapons.

    – On some maps, there are points that you can go down, but not go uphill on. Giant Leap has one of these area, near Blue Base. The hill that has a few rocks around and an open slope that should be passable both ways is in fact, a one-way slope.

    – The newest legs don’t have a turning animation, although they’ll improve overtime with later patches, likely.

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    For the map movement one there is a maximum slope you can move up based on the chassis type. Hexapods have one of the best climbing abilities while wheels or treads can’t climb as steep of a slope. There just isn’t a good enough visualization on what can and can’t be climbed with what chassis. I really want hexapod paths to be more prominent along with hover paths but we don’t really have locations where you save a ton of time hovering from one hill to another.

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