AI issues 0.8.0 (copied from discord)

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    -If it has flamers or a melee weapon, there’s a good chance that splash damage will cause it to lose its target and never reacquire anything. (I suspect it’s actually splash damage that causes it, NOT impact forces like I previously thought, this bug was present in and impact forces in that version were exactly 0. )

    -They still seem to never use their aux parts.

    -They grossly overshoot with grenades.

    -They are still extremely passive compared to the pre-7.0 AI. So far on crater arena, outpost alpha, no man’s pass, and blind alley they more-less go near the center of the map and rarely beyond that. At least they leave the base now, but you can sit just outside their effective range and poke them down and they will not move to retaliate.

    There’s some improvement and the ability to order them around is nice (I haven’t played with it yet) so there’s that, but they’ve got a long way to go before they’re back to being as good as they were before.
    keep in mind this was all 1v12 siege, I haven’t tried other game modes yet.

    August 17, 2018 at 9:38 PM #146104
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    I have also noticed that they do not turn to face you until you get REALLY close to the AI when shooting them.

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