Asnow’s MAV warehouse

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    These are all my current builds I feel like showing, this page will be updated on a daily basis, if you wish to have one of them, please say so and I will add it to the attachments for anyone to use (please give credit if you choose to modify then re-upload, and if you plan on doing this please do modify more than 51% of the model itself.)

    First MAV, The arctic camper
    -3 snipers
    -one machine gun
    -one supply bunker deployer and
    -one turret deployer.

    The second MAV, Desert Rocket artillery
    -6 rocket pods
    -1 supply bunker deployer

    The third MAV, Riot control
    -1 multi-part riot shield
    -1 Riot shotgun (not for use in normal battles, only riot control)

    The fourth MAV, TBA

    The fifth MAV, TBA

    PS: TBA means To Be Added

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    Keep up the good work, building a MAV is tedious work. Just keep thinking out of the box and always try something new. If you have any questions hit me up.

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    lookin good bud. looks like those are CQC builds. I’d recommend trying to hide your cockpit

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