awesome victory music in mp3 or ogg format plz?

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    jumping spiders are cute
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    the music that plays when you win a victory in an ai battle is awesome, and i would love to have it in mp3 or ogg or some format that would be useable with windows media player or vlc.

    also, i give a thumbs up and a thanks for whoever made it.

    on a side note, what levels/classes do i need to specialize in to get those awesome mega weapons?

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    Hey Jumping Spiders!

    Varien has created all 6 tracks for the game so far, and

    I can’t provide the track as standalone at this time, as I am waiting for the full album to be created and released to Kickstarter backers. Once that happens, the OST will be available through the Bombdog Studios store.

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    OST Hype! How many songs are you expecting us to have by the way Cyber? Also please make sure we don’t name any song titles that give nice plot points away like they did with other games / movies.
    “cough Qui-Gon’s Noble Fate”.

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