Back Again?

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    I had this game before a WHILE back, and left due to an inactive community. Are things better these days? I’d seriously like to come back and play some more – but I’m not sure i’m willing to put in the time if I’ll be playing matches against the same 10 people over and over.

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    The Sunday streams see a variety of people coming and going. Some new players every week mixed with some ‘core’ players. A large portion of the players like to play single player also.

    I am sure you can find new people to play with, but it might take a small amount of effort to get them together.

    December 23, 2016 at 2:20 PM #134976
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    I’d say they are, my own activity is somewhat spotty as far as attending the Friday night fights and Sunday fundays but I’ve see quite a lot of new names lately that I don’t recognize.

    Of course, you’re probably going to see some of the same people again and again, but that’s just their dedication to these events.

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    on average youll play with the same 10 guys every week and see maybe 10 new guys as well. not all at once mind you. but i cant actually see playing with the same people over time to be a negative

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    Sry late reply*

    Well welcome back again. The community is what we make of it, more players would play more regularly if at least some effort is put in to stay somewhat regular. But well life happens as we all know.
    Hope to see you around more.

    regards Zebby

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