Been a hot minute

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    shup peoples

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    I just wanted to take a few minutes and give myself a proper introduction.
    My name might be Kumicho Oyabun… but in time you might call me things like…. addict, hippy, mouth breather, troll, basement dwelling lemming, tree hugger, asshole and some more colorful names come to mind.

    I am a old Chrome Hounds player and have not found anything even close to filling that stopgap in 6 years… until now.

    I am a 36 year old gamer and also a single parent. I have a hang down so do not mistake my name for a feminine one.

    I look foward to many nights of scattered parts set a blaze in ruin.

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    I moved this over to introductions, as it’s a much better fit.

    Welcome back 😉

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    Welcome Back!

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    Hey welcome you.

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