Boy do I have a story

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    Got MAV a while ago, thought it was dead, made post on Steam MAV discussions page (yes, that was me, I’ve changed my Steam name since then), leading to an announcement being made (the one after the T-shirt one I think) and me learning about snapshot builds, kinda forget about MAV for a bit, came back, love it, now I’m here.
    So yeah. I’ve also never played Chromehounds, so I feel so left out on all the hip lingo. However, I LOVE mechs, so I’ll be sticking around to learn.

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    Welcome! I also have a sort of similar story.
    I discovered M.A.V. early in 2012, rediscovered it in late 2012 and signed up, then rediscovered it in early 2014 and haven’t stopped from there.

    Chromehounds was something special, I played through the campaign relatively recently if you wanted to see how it sort of was.
    Sadly 90% of the game was in Multiplayer.

    We should really have some sort of Lingo thread or something to help people ease into this developing game from the ashes of a beloved one.

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