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    Hey I have a question but I don’t really know where to post it. (Never was good with forums…) I looked around and it seems like that all the other topics are just for general discussion, I couldn’t really find one just was intended only for questions (Except this one), so I guess I’ll just post it here?

    Anyway my question is about the ability to change your username. I have several accounts on other websites and servers, and they all are under my username (zTheAcezz). My old accounts for BombDogStudios and it’s forums was TheAcezz (Without the z in the front, and yes it matters, at least to me. :p) This account for the forums is good, but I purchasd M.A.V on my old account under the user TheAcezz, is there a way to change your username? If you can’t I’ll just forget about it but if its because of security maybe you could have security questions or something like that?

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    So you would like the ‘z’ added in front?

    I don’t have an easy way to change the username, but if it’s important to you I can do it. Just PM me and I will get some details from you and I will make the change.

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