Does this game have a full offline mode?

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    Sometimes I am out at a friend’s house, but their internet hardwire only. More often than not, I tend to game with single player games while I am over there. Does this game lock features like it used to when it is unable to connect to the servers due to no internet access?

    Thanks for answering in advance!

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    Offline mode resorts back to the demo still.

    We have full offline support in our backlog of features to support though!

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    The game used to have full offline back in the days when the demo and full game were separate downloads rather than a profile check, the issue with that though was that the demo would become increasingly outdated.

    You can technically get full offline mode if you tether your phone to your laptop, sign in, then shut the data off. You’ll have everything your profile has access to until you exit out of the game.

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    Awesome. Thanks for answering!

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