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    Something I would like to see would be a detailed end of match report. Currently, very little information is displayed at the end of a round.

    The damage stat shown is a mere total of damage inflicted. It doesn’t show what type of damage you delivered, your average range of engagement or furthest engagement range, and it doesn’t do much to let you know just how well you performed. 5k damage. Whatever. Now 4k CE damage and 1k KE damage is something to consider. You know, are those backup Light Minis really worth it?

    Match Score:
    Match Score does nothing for you. To a new-ish player like myself, it seems super arbitrary. Why did I only get 1200 score this time when last time I did more damage but only got 1000? To improve the experience of both new and veteran players, a detailed (or at least somewhat detailed) score report could be shown. Something that lists how you got to that total match score, be it through deploying equipment, tanking damage, or destroying parts. Currently there’s no feedback on how you got to whatever number appears at the end

    Role Type Evaluation:
    Aside from getting Scout points in my MG/Shotgun tank, there’s currently no feedback at the end of a round that details what you did to get Role Type points. I assume there’s a matrix of how points are awarded, but it would be really nice to see some of that at the end, so players can formulate what they would like to play and what they’re good at. Additionally, it will help inform players as to what they should be doing each match to ensure steady Role Type Mastery progression

    I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, but II really want the game to succeed. Without basic feedback modes for new players (and even older ones), people might not latch onto the game so readily

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    I don’t know if I’ve put this anywhere else but I do have a video showing what earns experience which is what gives you your final score.
    Damage to base has been changed a bit since base health has gone up you can now earn about 1050 experience by destroying an enemy base solo.

    Heres the video kind of explaining role type experience. This one is more nebulous as actions give you roletype shares that at the end of the game determine how much xp gets sent to each roletype. Distance travelled gives scout, accuracy and dealing damage at long range give sniper, close range damage gives attacker, close range damage and damage recieved give defender if your near teammates and objectives. deploying network area and having a commsys gives engineer. Theres a lot of stuff but no hard numbers to go off of.

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