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    Might as well consolidate a bit and hopefully just start a general thread for the Garage.

    A few things I would like to see is-

    1. The ability to rotate weapons which in turn plays with accuracy, and rotation of parts when they are added.
    2. The ability to rotate around the Hound using arrow keys or something of the matter to see every angle and piece it together more easily.
    3. A Filter System that can separate the the weapons by type (Ex. Light Machine Gun, Sniper Cannon, Howitzer).
    4. M.A.V. camouflage and the customization and application of emblems.
    5. Weapons and parts actually having names in the future instead of whatever it is they have now.
    6. And the possession of those fancy new legs all the AI’s are running in the 0.29 release 😀 .

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    Great list! The good news is, everything on your list is planned, it just takes a little bit to get it all in.

    I did want ask about the part naming. Right now the weapons are named according to the pieces that make them up (and an underlining rule system). The reason this is, is the sheer number of parts and upgrades that are planned, it would be impossible for me to hand name them all. If you have any suggestions for a better, more readable, naming convention I would love to hear it!

    As for rotating around the M.A.V. you can do that now by right clicking and dragging, though don’t have 100% freedom with it.
    Also, the AI doesn’t have the new legs yet. They will always only have the parts that you have.

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