Garage complete rework is a must have

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    The thing Id like to say to Tchec is that I think he goes a little to far.

    You are to tangled up with the Homebrew, KSP, Beseige and the others you mentioned. MAV is a totally different system as others also explained (or tried to) on a deeper level.

    MAV is the spirital successor of Chromehounds and as you do not know about Chromehounds, perhaps you should to understand what it most likely will become in the end. Bottom line is very fast building speed and easy part placement/adjustment.

    See in a vid here:

    This is the way it will head towards… Perhaps a little adjustment here and there, but thats the bases. FAST, EASY, LOW LEARNING CURVE.

    Homebrew, Beseige, KSP is all very nice and realistic, but its not MAV or Chromehounds.

    (fixed an auto-correct error that changed Homebrew into Hebrew for you- Anvildude)

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    I didn’t play MAV for a long period, and i was wondering if this discussion went somewhere ?

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    Add part is extremely unlikely to break builds now. And save / load was switched so we’re a lot less likely to auto generate instead of saving a build.

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    Still needs more rework before it can really be considered ‘finished’ though.

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