Garage Usability: A Growing Concern

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    As a newcomer to MAV, I have another important thing to suggest as well, Can we have have an indicator of what direction recoil is going to kick the weapon like how it was from Chromehounds?
    I’m also really thankful that the garage issue is being brought up like this. It truly is a frustrating beast to work with at times. I only found our about some of the extra part movement options after I read what was posted here in this thread.

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    Chromehounds didn’t have that either, the L shaped arrows you’re probably talking about were only an indication of how your weapon was rotated, which isn’t as big of a factor in MAV as it was in Chromehounds.
    Recoil always kicks in the direction that the weapon is placed in relation to the chassis hardpoint, that information doesn’t need to be spoon-fed.

    A proper tutorial is planned, just takes some patience.

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    I really need to get some pictures of how it works but pretty much that rotation point on your chassis that everything attaches too? If a gun barrel is to the left of that point it will recoil left always. The strength of the recoil is based on something like this.

    ( Distance of Barrel to Centerpoint X Recoil Force of the Weapon / Stability of the Chassis + Stability of the Cockpit )

    There’s more complicated math to it but it pretty much boils down to this. If the gun is placed directly on top of the chassis then it will recoil slightly upwards since the barrels are above the rotation point. I’m not sure if it measures from the base of the barrel or the tip. My guess is it’s wherever the projectile is spawned.

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    I don’t play a lot because it’s not native Linux, and WINE eats perf : i have less than 25 FPS in battle with drops under 15, not very fun, but i still have hope, so…

    I played today again, and the Garage is still very horrible for me to use. I have issue placing parts where i actually want them, moving the camera around is not very smooth, rotating already placed part is very confusing, etc. Basically, almost all my concern from months ago are still there, even if the game by itself feels much better.

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    I am glad the game is feeling better for you!

    I understand some of the frustration the garage can have and am actively working on a new interface for it.

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    I am glad the game is feeling better for you!

    I understand some of the frustration the garage can have and am actively working on a new interface for it.

    I’ve finally gotten around to making two videos about the garage (I know I had one already out somewhere about different things about it, probably gunna make a 3rd video) and my suggestions / ideas / concepts about things that can be changed to improve the experience.

    This one is about how the camera slides to the side, my suggestion is to pan it instead and keep it circling the center of the mav instead of a point arbitrarily to the left of the build.

    This one is about how you interact with parts that are already connected to a build and how you grab parts with the mouse. Also potential keyboard shortcuts! 😀

    The rest of what I want to really go with is just fixing small things that can make it a bit easier to work with.

    • If you save a build with the same name as an already saved build, as if you want to overwrite it
    • If you load a build it defaults the save to that builds name.
    • Being able to reorder your builds in the load menu.
    • Move the Part Panel button to the top near the Save / Load buttons.
    • Move the Research Parts button to the top near the Save / Load buttons. (just click on the text “Research Points: 12345”, that can be turned into a button right?)
    • Clicking on the Load / Save / Part Panel / Research Parts buttons on the top bar closes the menu. Click it once to open it, click it again to close it, or click another one to go do that menu.
    • Move the paint patterns below the color stuff, both options can be made bigger this way. (Features in the attachment)
    • Hovering over a weapon in the weapons tab highlights its line in each of the weapon groups it belongs to.
    • Visualize the energy circle differently (the one under the weight circle), I’m not sure exactly how but its hard to exactly understand what 1/4th yellow 3/4 green, each quarter has that segment thing look does while the weight is seamless progression.
    • Add a visual circle for speed. (full ring is exact speed the part advertises, extra speed could be the a thicker greener ring that forms), since the maximum theoretical speed a chassis can go is 150% it’s advertise rate, you’ll only have to deal with the 2nd ring’s progress going halfway around.
    • Move Part Panel to the top bar with Save and Load.
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    Here is an example of some changes I’ve suggested.

    • A ring with all 6 rotation methods.
    • Moved the Part Panel to the top bar
    • Added a research icon for the fail / pass bar
    • Gave movement speed a ring
    • Added an “Info” button / hover to both the ring and the part name at the top
    • Delete / Duplicate / Leave Lock buttons are also placed on the ring along with a more info about part button / hover at the top.
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