Health Bar Mechanics: Healing & Other Possibilites

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    A while back someone on the MAV discord mentioned welders as an alternative heat melee weapon to piles and this got me thinking about the obvious welders that aren’t set to kill and consequently health in general.

    The main idea is to change the health of parts into 2 sections where the first “1/2” is “structural” and the second “1/2” is “electrical” (words in quotes are arbitrary). By default, “structural” health gets depleted first then “electrical”.
    If left alone this might only server to show the player at a glance how close a part is to losing functionality (gun camera static, loss of mobility) but having the health segmented could also allow for other cool interactions.

    Some possible examples:
    – Limit healing, where repair sheds (and/or just welders that aren’t set to kill) can only repair the “structural” health of a part and not the “electrical” health.
    This is also something where parts could have drastically different proportions of “structural” and “electrical” health to achieve the desired balance of healing in general.

    – Alternative weapon types that do “electrical” damage (likely if the “electrical” health of a part hits 0 the part just explode but perhaps it may be more interesting to just let it be disabled completely).
    This would likely require mobility bases to have some sort of 70%-30% “structural”-“electrical” health ratio so you don’t wind up crippled and still hard to kill
    Spacers and armor plates would probably be 100% “structural” and thereby immune to “electrical” damage if such weapons existed

    Well, that’s it for my idea’s surrounding health bar mechanics for now. If nothing else I always enjoy thinking about game mechanics like these.
    Hope you all find it interesting and/or draw some inspiration from it!

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