How to Download a M.A.V. build in 7 Steps.

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    CN Naglfar
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    I have noticed many people uploading there recent M.A.V. builds to the forum and figured it was a good time to create this tutorial.

    Described below will be various screen shots along with a step by step description on how to download and play as your newly downloaded M.A.V.

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me about this matter.

    1.) Download a “Current.Mech” file
    You can choose from many uploads in the “Builds” section on the forum.

    2.) Go to recent downloads and copy the file
    Right click and copy

    3.) Open the file where your M.A.V. build is stored.
    The file is located in Documents> My Games> Bombdog Studios> MAV> SaveGame.

    4.) Right click and delete the “Current.Mech” file

    5.) Right click again and paste newly downloaded M.A.V. file

    6.) Close the MAV Folder
    Not necessary but clears clutter.

    7.) Start up the game
    The MAV you downloaded will now be loaded up waiting for you in the garage. From here you need to save the M.A.V. if you intend to keep it.

    Enjoy your new toy
    — DoW Naglfar

    I am not responsible if you mess anything up.
    I do not suggest messing around with any other files besides “Screen Shots” and “Current.Mech” files.
    Messing with other files may have a adverse affect on the game.

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