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    Hello everyone. I’ll make this short and sweet. Like all of us, I was a huge CH fan. Favorite game of all time. I still play the final mission sometimes. AC doesn’t fill the void (too sci-fi-ish), and neither does MW (Not enough customization). This game is CH 2.0. I love the fact it’s a close community, there is a singleplayer, and that it brings out my inner engineer.

    I’ve posted a bunch recently. Simply trying to get involved.

    I’m majoring in engineering, build a racecar with my university club, and love heavy metal. And mechs. Realistic ones. Like MAV.

    Excited to meet and play with you all.

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    Poke around the Teamspeak on the evenings and hang out there. People generally pop in and out.

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    Welcome to the community, we’ve got fresh glacial water and eventually iceberg themed T-shirts!

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    Glad to have you around! I too, love mechs and heavy metal. 🙂

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    It was fun playing with you tonight! Hope you get the Teamspeak thing figured out.

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