Lost all my builds after updating to

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    I have not played in some time so after launching the game it updated to I loaded a MAV from my list of saved builds, fixed a fresh collision and launched a match. After the match was complete I returned to the garage and saved the build in preparation to load another, Imagine my sadness/horror/despair/woe as I clicked on the Load button and nothing appeared. I tried saving the current MAV to its previous name and I was prompted about overwriting so the game thinks there are some builds in there. I ran the Rak Sal garage management tool and it sees all the builds. Is there a way to restore my list in the game?

    July 29, 2018 at 10:11 PM #146051
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    If you can use the contact form https://bombdogstudios.com/contact-us/

    Send us an email and we will work with you to restore the lost builds.

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