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    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted here, but recently I got back into the game. Glad to see it’s still alive and getting updates. As I was mucking around in the garage I noticed a lot of parts had company names associated with them, like all good giant robot games should, but no real flavour text beyond a basic description to go with those parts.

    So I, in true mother’s basement fashion, decided I should do something about that, so I started creating a list of all the components in the game and an associated fluff text blurb to go with each one, tailor-made to describe each part in a way that’s both interesting and accurate.

    This link will take you to the Google Doc where it’s currently being assembled. As of this post, I’ve finished a little over half of the mobility bases and all of the cockpits. I hope you all enjoy what I’m doing and I’d love to hear feedback (even if it’s as simple as a grammatical error). I’ll continue to update this somewhat regularly until I’ve finished all the parts, so wish me luck



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    Copied from the discord chat.

    -Turret; Colloquially known as a machine gun turret, this model is suited to reinforcing a position. Equipped with secondary shotguns for improved close range capability.

    -Sniper turret; Equipped with a pair of sniper rifles, this model has a long effective range for good map coverage. Internal stabilizers proved to compromise structural integrity however.

    -Howitzer turret; A heavy but durable turret, used for establishing forward firebases.

    -Heavy turret; Frequently referred to as an ambush turret, this model’s shotguns, flamethrowers and high durability make it lethal in tight quarters. Weight saving measures enable the deploy to carry an unusually high number of units.

    -Armored turret; This turret variant is designed and heavily protected to withstand heavy bombardment. Firepower is reportedly lackluster however.

    I got the durability and armour stats straight from cyber, so I’ve put that in place of my earlier experimental health numbers.

    Turrets have 500 health, 10 armor
    Armored turrets have 550 health, 85 armor
    Heavy turrets have 750 health, 10 armor
    Howie turrets have 750 health, 10 armor
    Sniper turrets have 250 health, 10 armor

    The weapons are unchanged from those listed in the file that was mentioned.

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    Like your work here!

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    I see your confused about these ‘C’ parts, they’re referral parts with the same stats as other parts.

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