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    Now that we have Free Cam, just had the idea of a Forge rendition of it.


    Basically introduce a custom map option to MAV, where it’s basically the current maps we have, but with altered object placement, with a “blank” map being all destructible objects removed from the map. Maps like Giant Leap will retain the ramps and the refinery in the middle, but the whole Hydrogen plant will be left blank. Spawn points will also be removed in Blank versions.

    For entering a Forge map, you can pick to start on the current or “blank” version of the map. When you enter the game, you automatically spawn in Free Cam, but have a reticle on the center of the screen and a menu on the side of the screen that can be operated with the Arrows and Enter keys.

    Once you select something in the menu, it would spawn as being held and can be moved by re-positioning of the camera. Utilizing Garage elements could allow for rotation of the objects.

    Have it so objects can phase through solid features, like ground. Have it so where when looking at an item from x distance or closer, it highlights green. Clicking on it while green will allow it to be re positioned, or hitting the Delete key will delete it.

    For objects, it could be anywhere from destructible buildings to turrets to some basic geometry like ramps and cubes or even some rocks and ice chunks. Spawn points would also be on this list. Special spawn points can be placed for team based objectives and bases.

    Special areas could also be designated by placing an translucent cube in Forge that could serve as an objective (aka All objects must be destroyed for Team 2 victory/Team 1 must have x people in this area for X minutes to meet victory conditions). However, these details will be worked out on the Custom Games settings.

    Objects like special areas and spawns will hug the nearest non destructible object underneath it.

    Map configurations can be named and saved, and can go into a folder like the screenshots folder and are individually accessible (ie. Giant Leap Fortress.mapconfig) so we can trade maps.

    Custom Games

    So, this will go as a separate menu not in a match for designing settings. This is where you can run .mapconfig maps. Servers can also be set to cycle as a Custom Games lobby for one map/custom settings type.

    A separate menu should be made for a .mapsettings file for creation and naming. This is where you create a Use Map Settings file if needed. Arena and Siege lock down the additional options if selected. For the special objectives, have a set of and/or options for static objectives, such as kill all enemy units/kill all destructible objects in Special Area 1/Hold Location in Special Area 1 for x minutes/enter Special Area 1. Text can also be added by the file maker to pop up for each team in-game for x seconds listing their objectives. Have it so each team can have special objectives set out.

    For example in a guard/hit and run mission, Team 1 will have a set objective list of Destroy All Enemy MAVs or Stay Alive Until Match End, while Team 2 would have Destroy all Destructible items in Special Area 1 and Enter Special Area 2 will all surviving MAVs on Team 2.

    As another example for a convoy mission, Team 1 would have Destroy All Enemy MAVs or Stay Alive Until Match End while Team 2 would be Have 2 MAVs enter Special Area 1 or Destroy All Enemy MAVs.

    First team to trigger a completed objective wins.

    The Spawns/Special Areas can be designated in Forge as a special object. Same model, different id can be used.

    In the actual Custom Game lobby, pick a .mapconfig and game mode. If Arena or Siege is selected, that will be all the input needed. If Use Map Settings is selected, a menu will open up like the save menu in the Garage with all of the .mapsettings files.

    Again, separate folder/files so we can trade them.

    Overall, a good amount of this stuff I mentioned seems like it can be repurposed from the Garage in one way or another (saves for maps and game settings/part placement and rotation/menu selection). Having something like this would be able to pave the way and make creating Campaign Mode a breeze as all the tools will pretty much already be made.

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