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    I have been working with the Pitbull cockpit.

    I like its boxy, small build even with its limitations on mounting pips and weapon groups.

    In my builds i really like to add utility aside from just face punching power.

    In the first setup i show 3 Pitbull cockpits (beyond base model) using an Uplink/Mine Dropper to add some really central weapon mounts.

    I’ve used this primarily on fast mobility bases. Yes, I have gotten to fire groups of 3 light cannons with little to no kickback on a hover base times 2.

    The second pair of pics are from my latest attempt to get a tight grouping with the Mining Saws. The hydraulics just barely clear the pit.

    1. pitbull-uplink-1


    2. pitbull-uplink-2


    3. Pitbull-Dual-Saw-1


    4. Pitbull-Dual-Saw-2


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    Those are really cool! I am a fan of the pitbull also, it’s one of the only cockpits to have lived through almost all the iterations of the game.

    Love the hunchback mining saw build also. Saws are the appropriate level of scary!

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    That saw one is nice!

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