Nagging about the free camera

  • December 3, 2017 at 7:50 PM #143745
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    The movement is too floaty and sluggish. It takes about 3 seconds to apply enough forces to change directions and about 6 seconds to finish the change.

    If you are moving the camera left at full speed and then move it right, it’ll take about 6 seconds to move right at full speed.

    If you switch from freecamera control to mav control the camera doesn’t stop moving. This can give some cool visuals but it isn’t intuetive and should be some sort of toggle.

    I wish hitting F8 would switch your camera controls instead of tabbing in and out of the game to switch what your controlling. That key already toggles a camera on / off so it makes sense to toggle on / off camera movement.

    Having an ability to click on mavs to center the camera around them would be really nice.

    Looking down / up too far does interesting things.

    I really lost track of what I was saying…..

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