Paint Option: Wear

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    Just had an idea that could be tied with the level of your account. Each level will allow you to lower the scroller one point. This scroller will control the wear on the paint on your build. A wear of 0 will look brand new just painted, while 100 will look as it currently does now. A level 1 will have the scroller glued to 100, whereas a level 50 will be able to reduce the wear to 50%, and a level 100 will be able to make their build look brand new.

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    I’m curious how challenging this would be to implement with the current system. I think that the simplest method would be to make the “wear” texture a top layer made from multiple shapes with varying levels of transparency using the default “white” camo color. The slider would basically just be for opacity control at that point.

    Here is my attempt at an example of what I’m talking about after 1000 hours in a program similar to MS Paint:

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    This is something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

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    I remember there was a discussion on the paint wearing out and paying to get it looking clean but this is a better alternative.

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