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  • January 3, 2018 at 2:10 PM #143971
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    TLDR; if you are suffering poor performance in mav, try playing on less resource intensive maps like blind alley and outpost alpha, with an average of 5 bots. if you start a match and the fps is low, give it 1-2 minutes and itll shoot back up to 20-40fps.

    so i did some testing where i played a single match of 2v4 on blind alley, and rebooted the game after every match. 3/4 times the match would start at an unbearably low framerate, and if i waited 1-2 minutes the fps would then shoot back up to a playable fps, this would happen consistently on reboot.

    1/4 times the match began at a playable fps, where id then complete the match, and play a second one, which began again at the unbearable fps, i gave it about a minute and it went back to being playable

    i decided to test this out on a higher resource intensive map, new amazon, i waited about 5 minutes and the fps never stabilized. i dont think anyone would be patient enough to wait more than 5 minutes anyways, so thats why i recommend maps like blind alley and outpost alpha for now

    i imagine thisll work on maps like grassy creek, no mans pass, and giant leap. id just avoid turgid valley and new amazon for now

    performance also improves for every bot removed and or killed, for obvious reasons

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