Read this before posting!

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    All postings and interactions on the Bombdog Studios site shall follow these simple rules:

    1. No Spamming
      Do not post excessive links to external sites, constantly bump threads, or post the same content to multiple threads.
    2. No gore, sexual, or ‘shock’ content
      This will result in an instant ban.
    3. No harassment
      Targeting a user, stalking and commenting on a users posts, sexually harassing a user, is not allowed
    4. No threats towards other users
      Threatening to harm another user is not acceptable. Making a threat to identify them, find them in real life, or threatening to do so, is not allowed.
    5. No links to illegal items
      This includes software, music, or ways to get them as well
    6. If in doubt, ask
      If you are wanting to post something, but are afraid it might break the rules, fire off a contact request to ask!

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