Release 0.0.02

  • March 14, 2012 at 7:46 PM #102032
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    Here is the second release, MAV

    Here is what we updated:

    -Fixed lots of bugs in the Editor that caused attachment problems

    -Changed the way weapon groups are saved and loaded, fixing the issue of not being able to shot your weapons

    -Increased the slope angle that you can walk up, fixing the random stopping

    -Tweaked weapon damage and enemy health

    -Made is so the first part has to be legs

    -Filter out Legs and Cockpit from the selection menu once they are added to the MAV

    -Fixed the howitzer not having any collision on it

    Known issues (these popped up today)

    -Once you reload the MAV in the editor after a play session, some of the parts allow you to attempt to attach a part to a slot that is already taken.

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