Release 0.2.5

  • June 16, 2012 at 12:59 AM #102046
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    I put up a new build today.

    Lots of bug fixes, I still have a few tricky ones to track down though. Over all its a MUCH more stable release.

    +Scopes to the weapon Parts system (2 scopes) Total number of weapons are now 86.
    +Crosshair system. This matches with the scopes to give each weapon a crosshair based on the ammo type and weapon camera zoom level
    +ScreenShot button. Press F9 while playing to save out a screenshot! (I would love to see MAV designs or battle field shots!)

    *Tweaked some sounds
    *Tweaked some weapon stats
    *Fixed the grass sliding around bug
    *Fixed single player not working for some people
    *Fixed some part collisions in the editor never going away (still working to get this 100%)
    *Fixed AI spinning in circles bug

    Grab the build and start playing!

    June 16, 2012 at 5:38 AM #103864
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    I successfully built a MAV. It’s a tread base, heavy cockpit with four of those new amazingly awesome long barrel reciprocating weapons known to me as part 00:00:03:00 and a quad rocket launcher. Everything is green and hilly with tall pinetrees and mountains/boulders. I spawned under fire so I set off in its direction. Turns out, It was coming from the opposite direction but, I went into my first garage! I am headed back towards base looking at the ground so I get there today and am wondering when I will get the computer this game deserves. I have discovered that the MAV that spawned WITH me is NOT FRIENDLY. I see upon my return that the enemy MAV has cornered itself and we have a pirate ship type battle at point blank. I wonder how much more abuse this thing can take until I straff left and see its still aiming at me. I give it the rest of my payload and it dissapears! I think, awesome! And then, BOOOM I GET NAILED! there is another? I run for the hills while getting destroyed, just powned and get a second reload at some random garage. No health. I’m smoking. I’m afraid. I know at this point that this is what I have been missing. Even on my 8-bit computer with a hamster powered hard drive, I am still having fun. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

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