Rename the MG and QUAD to AR and RKT

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    I remember at one point that I pointed out that the chieftain biped was spelled incorrectly as “chieftan”, and you fixed that in the very next update.
    How is the MG/AR debacle still a thing after something like five years?

    Rockets are another main offender, the entire category is labelled as “QUAD”, you know, QUAD-HD, QUAD-160, Z-QUAD, etc.
    But only one specific weapon is actually referred to as the quad rocket and it’s the RKT-QUAD.
    Could they be called the RKT-HD, RKT-160, Z-RKT, X-RKT, and QUAD-RKT?

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    They are Quad as they all have 4 barrels and fire in burst of 4.

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    Verbally when you refer to “quad rockets” the only one people will actually refer to when they say that, is the RKT-QUAD. The others are normally referred to as “X rockets”, “HD rockets”, and so on, never “X quads” or “HD quads” and so on.
    If you recommend a new player to install quad rockets on their mav, and that player looks at the list of rockets; what is their usual response?

    My best guess would be “which one?”.

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