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    My flood of forum threads continues with the discussion of resources and resource management.

    To simplify it all I’d say there should be about two resources, tech points and gold / money / credits / mavricks / dollarydoo’s.

    The credits “yet to be named” would be used at the player, squad, and faction level for buying parts / repairing / ammo / hiring mercenaries / repairing and upgrading territories / and secret weapon swag. They’re pretty much the universal currency that is used for almost everything possible. Credits are earned through battles (player level) and territory resources (squad / faction level).

    Then we’ve got Tech Points “Yet to be named” which is used at the faction level to upgrade research level (higher tier parts unlock), and to dump into researching higher tier upgrades and building a secret weapon. Tech is gained through territory resources (squad / faction level) and rare part recovery from won battles (squad level, if no squad goes to faction)

    Now the reason why I include a “squad level” is that I’d want them to gather up points and spend them towards the faction as well as the faction leader. Players only have to manage their own bank accounts which they can donate for the cause if they want but don’t have to means that they don’t have to worry about spending tech points and ending up a war with 10,000 tech points because they didn’t know they had them.

    Instead we’ll focus faction / territory level stuff to squad leaders and the faction leader so they can actually focus on upgrading this or that territory. The reason for squad leaders to have some faction control is to cover the leader when they are away and also if we want to give squads a “base” territory that they “own” then they can swag it out. I’d imagine not only the faction HQ being built up to a fortress but also another two territories or so built up to show how awesome those two squads are.

    The reason why I’d want tech points to not = tech level is because we can make getting the next tech level cost more points than just paying credits. I also think it would be good to make secret weapon building require a LOT of tech points “a few levels worth” is that to get this massive thing that is like a moving fortress so if you don’t earn it’s cost back then your faction will be at a weaker position. Of course you could focus on just Secret Weapon Generation and just run lots of low level parts which can be a very valid tactic.

    For researching the Secret Weapon I’d say it should be a pool you dump credits / tech into that when it hits 100% one is ready to be placed on the map and any overflow will go into making the next one, because I want to see a faction with 2+ secret weapons at once, maybe even allow two on a map at once! Imagine the craziness of that. I’d also say requiring tech points for certain buildings / upgrade to those buildings (which is just making those buildings larger buildings / add auxiliary buildings around them) is that it it means you can only do so much without knowledge behind you.

    Anyway I ranted long enough that I may have lost my own thread of thought, I just know I’d like two currencies with only one of them being used by normal (non-leader) players.

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    I had envisioned a unified ‘resource’ that could be spent on parts, upgrades, or tech.

    I do see the merits of having Squad HQ’s as well, as it invests each player into the battle more. Nothing like having your ‘home’ destroyed.

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    I can dig it, just need some requirements besides lots of dosh for fancier faction things. Maybe a secret weapon can only be deployed from an upgraded up territory.

    Thinking about money and how you earn it I’m trying to see how income is handled with battles that can keep going beyond multiple attacks.

    I think each battle has a money pool for each team based on territory worth. Then as each MAV enters the battle the othersides pool raises based on a figure+total parts * average part level *average level offset.

    That way a MAV with tons of mid tier parts can award more dollarydoos, or a high tier one with few parts can earn you more for fighting than a low tier one.

    Then when you leave the battle it calculates how much you did to win based on damage / kills / assist / etc. and removes a portion of the pool to you. This theoretically could be cheesed by having people jump in / out with hexes loaded up with lots of high tier parts.

    Maybe just skip the pool thing if repairing stuff becomes less common since the pool sets a cap in how much you can earn by shooting a MAV that is sitting afk in a repair shed.

    I know we want you to always have a net profit when running the low tier stuff in decent quantities. Mid tier you can lose money on loses and on wins if your fully destroyed, and high tier where you can lose money if a few parts are broken so you need to win and not get hurt bad to make the big bucks at high part tier.

    of course most mavs will probably be a mix of different things so on average as long as you don’t lose you’ll be making a net profit. Maybe even boost the income a bit since we need to pay for mercs.

    The other big source of income is territory income which most cases are spent upkeeping the merc squads and raising territory stuff / rebuilding destroyed buildings.

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    I could see there being Income territories, and Upkeep territories- Income territories would be things like mines, hydroponics facilities, factories- Upkeep territories would be a constant drain on money- being things like passes, fortresses/defensive lines or power stations- but those Upkeep territories would be in strategically important locations and have less upkeep cost than most income territories profits.

    In-battle, I personally think you should only get rewards in certain circumstances- either get ‘salvage’ rewards for destroying enemy MAV parts (and since it’s complete destruction, there’s no repair issues) equal to, say, half of what that part is worth, or in circumstances that follow the RT- rewards for destroying deployables, or dropping them in certain locations, Commander bonuses, rewards for repairing parts- that sort of thing. So the Attackers, Defenders, Snipers and Long Gunners will mostly get their income from part destruction (Gunners and Snipers will theoretically have less ‘overhead’ cost because they’ll be in situations where they’re less likely to get their own parts damaged, which should balance out the fact that they tend to do less damage overall), while Scouts, Engineers and Commanders get a larger cut of the Battle winnings if they’re doing their jobs right.

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    The finer details will have to wait until we get our hands on a few campaigns.

    Just like MAVs themselves I want each territory to be fairly customizable where even an extremely low income territory can turn a profit given the right upgrade paths are and aren’t taken.

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