Riot Car V2

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    Finding that this “riot tank on wheels” turned out to be a strong build in its own right, I’ve decided to take it more seriously and give it a much deserved update.

    The Riot Car (formerly known as riot roadster) is an extremely aggressive scout whose 82km/h speed and full frontal protection allows you to assault individual opponents in a more up-front manner than most scouts with your 5 LGT 160.Y6 machine guns. As before its radiators enable prolonged bursts.

    -Two machine guns were moved to be placed underneath the cluster instead of at the top. In the earlier model these two machine guns were prone to being shot off early in fights. Running into one among skynet shows that they were much more exposed than they appeared to be in the garage.

    -FMLA-Bolt placed at the front of the armour spine, similar in purpose to the Plate-V on the Riot Tank series. During missions with the earlier model it was found that with good shot placement it was possible to strip it with direct-damage weapons without removing the shield first. Having a small armour plate there reduces the chances of that happening.
    -Radiators reduced from three HSK-Blades to two HSK-I. Mostly the make room for the previous change.

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