Riot Roadster

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    Took a riot tank, took it off its tracks, ripped off two thirds of its shield, removed the secondary shotguns and one machine gun, converted the remaining machine guns to .Y6s, and put it on wheels.
    Then slapped on a few radiators around the machine guns to allow prolonged bursts of 160 machine gun fire.
    Is this a build I took seriously when making it? not really.

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    Still looks like an absolute nightmare to fight.

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    One thing about the new 160’s is that a hit with a Hades or any other heat weapon makes it so the attacker really can’t fire at all.

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    True, but a very similar thing applies to the hades and its borderline ridiculous splash radius (it’s 50% larger than any other splash weapon in the game). If the 160 machine gun user has been peppering the hades user and is standing close enough, and the hades fires. The hades user risks setting himself on fire and potentially killing himself if he was already overheating from the 160 machine guns.
    It’s kind of a 50/50 matchup.

    The 160 machine gun is one of the only heat-based weapons that does so much heat damage that you can pepper someone for a few moments, stop firing and leave the guy alone, and watch that poor sucker’s MAV die to heat damage several seconds later. It’s actually amusing when it happens.

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