Separation of Singleplayer and Multiplayer

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    Just played the 0.3.0 release, and I noticed that Singleplayer is now basically Multiplayer without the ability to play with other people, and the lag that Multiplayer has is now in Singleplayer. The way Singleplayer was before in the Pre-Alpha versions were free of that dreaded lag.

    An idea came to mind for me is that the Singleplayer gameplay uses the old system in Pre-Alpha, and can be broken down into a Trial Sortie and the different game modes that will soon become (or are) available, which have AI units simulating players in both cases.

    Multiplayer, on the other hand, should run like it is, hopefully less buggy in the future, and with the server selection screen not only giving the amount of players, but also general location (Ex. Eastern America), and the game type. Server hosts should also be able to control if AI M.A.V.s, turrets, ect. are allowed to be active/built.

    And, just after some test play, when fighting M.A.V. units up close, the numbers identifying what team they are on becomes extremely hard to spot.Along with this concept, I don’t know if this idea has been implemented yet, because I seldom see other players on the server, but if a player is in the game, his username replaces the number, and has the team coloration for his username.

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    I’m sorry you are experiencing lag. 🙁

    You are correct in that single player is the same as multiplayer and I did this so I could focus on everything, code wise, at once. If it is not working out, I will change it back.

    The sever selection will show more information in the future (right now it shows everything there is to show).

    Also correct in that the ‘ID’ tags don’t show usernames yet. That will happen very soon though.

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