Serge's 0.8.0 thoughts

  • August 20, 2018 at 10:53 AM #146122
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    I’ll just update this post with anything else I can think of as I go to make it easier to find.

    Commander Commands

    • Allow clicking on the icon descriptions as a quick method of switching commands from search / move / attack / defend. I keep trying to click them but then I have to use the dropdown which is slower.
    • Porbably add a list of teammates along the left side and instead have the dropdowns used mainly to show who the order is going to and what the order is from the selections on the sides, this should be faster while the dropdowns can be alternatives.
    • Make the commander menu a toggle instead of holding open? This should make it more controller friendly too along with pinky friendly.
    • Potentially adding some sort of command for placing uplinks around the map would be useful.

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