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    Lets talk about those lovely customization abilities that we’re giving server owners to personalize and mix up campaigns.

    To start lets go over the easy things to fiddle with such as player economy in how much you gain and lose per battle. The main tweaks for this can be income, repair and ammo costs, and base part cost. I’d have this based on a percentage so it is just nudging small numbers and not giant lists of them per each weapon or type. We can do “1.0” as the normal, and if you want to do double 1.5 or at 90% 0.9. The biggest thing to see is how far should we tweak it? Can we do 89.215% “0.89215” or just more whole numbers with just 89% “0.89”? Personally I’d probably cut it off at 3 digits past the point so 0.000 so we can get 12.3% going on.

    • Income = 1.0
    • Ammo Cost = 1.0
    • Repair Cost = 1.0
    • Part Cost = 1.0

    If we do want to get fancy we could go one layer deeper with tweaking income from damage / kills / base damage along with costs on maintaining types of weapons such as small / medium / large caliber and small / medium / large explosives. We could make people want to focus on explosive weapons. I can see that being useful later too but for now we’ll do that in a later update.

    The next thing we’ll want to handle is Mercenaries and Territory Upgrade / Upkeep. They’re handled at the same time since they are managing non-player things. We can also put Faction Starting Cost in here. Again I’d prefer mostly percentages for things like upkeep cost and upgrade cost, however the initial buying would be better as a solid value.

    • Faction Creation = 10,000
    • Mercenary Hire Cost = 2,500
    • Base Territory Upkeep = 1.0
    • Base Mercenary Upkeep = 1.0
    • Base Territory Income = 1.0
    • Secret Weapon Creation = 1,000,095

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