Some weapon balance sugestions, having come from other similar games.

  • November 3, 2018 at 9:28 PM #146370
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    interestingly enough M.A.V. is the only game in its category that allows friendly fire; or in that matter self fire. it provides to a level of realism, but there’s some serious issues in that department; IFF.

    Having had a discussion with some people on the discord, i recognize that having mines able to blow your own mech up is a balance thing; however on that same front it would be fair to have ‘smart mines’ that only detonate for opponents, but do only half the damage.
    or at least the ability to see your own mines after the arming period is over.

    another thing that seems to be seriously lacking is a ammunition module. hawken, crossout, robocraft to name a few similar games all have some form of amo bonus module/upgrade. this would be easy to implement at the cost of weight and a small amount of energy.

    lastly it would be nice to see more mele weapons like, say drills; or even just passive spikes that could be added on to do mild collision damage relative to your speed. (again, something that all these games have)

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