T-Shirt Design Contest

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    [Official Rules]

    Welcome to the first t-shirt design contest! This contest will be to design a t-shirt, that is M.A.V. ‘themed’ for addition to the Official Bombdog Studios merch shop. Being M.A.V. themed, the t-shirt should in some way make reference to M.A.V. the game, either directly or indirectly. This is open to interpretation, but the final relevance will be at the sole discretion of Bombdog Studios.


    You may submit multiple designs.

    You will have until July 2nd to submit a design. After July 2nd a voting period will commence for AT LEAST 1 week. During the voting period users will cast votes for the designs they like. The winner will be the design that attains the highest voting total.

    Submissions shall be entered into the ‘Concepts/T-Shirt Designs’ section of the message board, with the title [T-Shirt Contest] Name of your design. You can gather feedback and refine your design before the deadline. When the deadline

    Voting threads will be created by moderators when the time comes.


    Designs that are not on theme, vulgar, inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise not in the spirit of the contest will be disqualified. Disqualified designs will be deleted from the competition and not be eligible to win. If you have 2 or more disqualified designs, you will be barred from entering any more designs.

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