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    I am aware the State of the Game did not come out this week. I appreciate the contacts reaching out to me, making sure everything is ok. The State of the Game has really become a canary for the state of me. When one becomes missed, it’s understandable it would cause concern.

    But never fear, I am ok.

    The past couple of weeks have held a lot in them for me. I have had to make some tough choices, evaluate myself and my performance, and look at the path forward. With that, I feel I need to make some changes in my life that will affect some of the way you are used to interacting with me.

    I will not be continuing the State of the Game on a weekly basis. I will post news and announcements to the blog when I feel there is something to announce. The mandatory weekly update has long out lived it’s usefulness for actually reporting what has happened and has become an unfun chore for me.

    I will not be proceeding with mandatory monthly updates. Each update will come as a concise package, without incremental steps towards a long term goal. Instead, you will get full, tested, and ‘as-designed’ features in each release. If this happens to line up monthly, that is great. If not, you will be able to anticipate the release date from my announcements on the blog.

    I will no longer make it my personal mission to respond to every thread on the forums. I might not even read all of them any more.

    I will ALWAYS respond to Contact Us requests. While I try for a 24hr turn around, it might be up to 3 business days during busy times.

    For some of you that have been around a long time, this statement and tone might be a bit out of character. I think I have just done a very good job of hiding some of the tolls that working on MAV has taking on me. This is an effort to reduce some of those burdens, regain some of my family life, and prepare for a long term life of this. Doing what I was doing before was not sustainable (mentally or physically) and for me to make this my full time life I needed to make some adjustments.

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    Good to hear there is no serious issues and that things are mostly well. The holiday is coming quickly upon us and if I do not get to say it in person have a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and all yours.

    As Always thank you for ALL you do!

    PS… State of the game being dead how bout a new format where you do a roll out dev stream with each release. where you go over all the great stuff and some of the background for it … with the normal Q an A input as well as some games with us after ….like an update release party of sorts…Serge will bring the pizza?

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    Really happy to her that everything is alright. Do what you need to do for this transition.

    Any possibility that we’ll see a return of any type of Snapshots for select players to provide a larger pool for better and more complete bug sweeps during the testing phase before release?

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    One of the best marks of someone is their ability to accept when something isn’t working and accept that something needs to change.
    Keep up the good work Cyber, we will be ready when you need us.

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    alright, time to work on our guest blog posts

    its a good call though cyber, i was barely reading them anymore anyways. same goes for the forums. when you start scheduling things you need to do, that is a chore.

    hopefully with more spontaneity in your diet well get more surprise updates 😉

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