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    What i’d love to see, is the aux buildings we’ve been talking / planning about to help reduce the usefulness of ranging.

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    I’m gonna necro this thread to make a suggestion. Instead of making all the bases the same why not let teams choose their own out buildings for defenses like in the last armored core games. there is a maintenance cost and teams that fall apart or go missing lose defenses and territory from lack of upkeep. Or just make more placement type components and let the team engineer build the out buildings to the current map and team strategy.

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    Actually just had a thought on how to limit Dialing, while still allowing Rushing- Weak Points. Make it so the top/majority of the Main Base has high armour values (like, 80? 70?) along with their high Durability- then have a main entrance, ramp, radar coupling, whatever you want, which has lower/no Armour rating. This rewards rushing the base with Attackers and Scouts, gives a chokepoint where Defenders and Engineers know that enemies will want to approach, while still allowing for longer-duration base fights and Dialing- just, you have to be dedicated to Dialing if you really want that to work before the Defenders get to you.

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    sounds like a good idea, cyber do this

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