The Great Nag List of 0.7.0

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    Ignoring the few bugs that came with this release, let’s get down to some of the nitty gritty nags now that MAV is at a playable frame rate once again.

    1. Continue Optimizations – For a TL:DR, 64 bit MAV and multi-core support plox. Ultra 30 FPS 6 players was a start, let’s see them 12 players, 60 FPS memes not be dreams anymore. My thirst for frames cannot be quenched.

    2. Update the Loading Screens – From the images to the loading bar, to the sometimes very poor grammar, it just doesn’t look in place now, especially with the updated menu and Garage.

    3. Fix the Options Menu – Namely real small nag stuff here, the mouse speed scroller is just messed up, the scrollbars for sound levels are never equal, and sometimes, words go out of the boxes when key binding, such as mouse wheel up or down.

    4. Global Chat – Plox. Let the community in-game start building itself. An online player counter with a global chat accessible in the main menu and Garage will be amazing. Maybe even a small chat interface with a few rooms for general, build discussion, find a match, etc. A small handful of the core Discord room topics in-game.

    5. Supertesters – Have a group of a few selected veteran degenerates of MAV as an extra set of testers to catch as many bugs before a release goes live/test out experimental features.

    6. Announce the Release Date One Day Later: By this, I mean if you announce something for some day, have it released at latest early morning of that day, if not the night before. Maybe even throw in a time which the release will be live by. Save us from the torment of nagging every minute on a release day.

    7. Map Distortion Fixes – Welcome to the remainder of what nags me in the smallest of quantities. The distorted/black/missing a few squares of the minimap issues that occur that you need to hit F12 to fix for the match.

    8. $500 Gold MAVs – Plox.

    9. Mircrotransactions – Because I need to feel the reward of my wallet every second I play MAV so I can buy a more enjoyable experience.

    January 31, 2018 at 6:09 PM #144154
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    fix /addai red+blue+0+1, this probably auto guesses your saying a roletype instead of a team.

    make a shortcut for /switchteam and allow for shorter names for quick switching (lobby pos # maybe?)
    /st SergeDavid 1
    /st 5 1 (5th person in the server, mostly important for eventual automation)
    /st SergeDavid (no team given / switch it to the other team if only 2 teams, if multiple teams switch to the next team in line or to the first team if no other teams in line)

    Shortcuts for kicking / adding bots
    /kickbots (quickly removes all the ai)
    /addais 5 red (s on the end to denote multiple ai to add, number of ai to add [optional assumes 1], team to add too [optional])
    With this we can easily do /kickbots /addais 6 to refresh the ai between matches so they have different builds.

    basic serverapi

    finish adding serge’s wishlist to the part.dat file (missing hades / missing heat threshold / cost on free parts aren’t zero / missing vendor name / splash radius / heat damage [weapons])

    The previous X chat messages pop back up while the chat box is open

    Chat messages with no content don’t send

    The chat button doesn’t close the chat box while your typing a message

    hat button doesn't 
    lose the
    hat box while your typing a message

    Freecamera moves a bit faster / reacts to changes faster (is it tied to your chassis movement properties?)

    Freecamera can pull up the map / mid match scorescreen

    more stats for the global user database such as games won

    butt touches

    hotkeys to rotate by 90 degrees and change connection point on locked parts (hit the cog and this works even if the part is connected to a build, the part won’t switch to a connection point already in use).
    Probably Q and E / A and D respectively or something along those lines

    Rotate the camera to the left of the build by about 25~30 degrees instead of moving the camera to the right of the build by about a biped length. (the current method sucks when your looking at the opposite side of the mav as it pulls the camera into the mav and it now blocks a lot of your camera instead of showing you a place to grab added parts)

    Parts spawn in front of this area instead of a set area to the right of the build.

    A way to pull parts closer / further away from the camera as they are currently set to a constant x meters away from the camera. Maybe shift mouse wheel?

    Fix mouse wheel on the parts menu

    Increase the area of the scroll bar on multiple menus

    Move Add Parts to the top bar

    Let saving builds show an “This name already exists, do you want to override that build?” message for garage management reasons.

    Let users move builds around in the load menu

    Have a “less / more” option for the load menu (more menu would be like two lines for each build, should say some basic info like… roletype numbers skynet would use for it?)

    Invalid builds in the load menu should have some sort of highlight to them, red for invalid, yellow for missing parts (maybe add a way to buy missing parts if you have the fried eggs while your in a game lobby?)

    A reply to my email about that patreon reward I want to make as an early access thing.

    Discord Rich Experience intergration – So I can invite people to a match through discord! 😀 Or people could see what I’m doing in discord like “Playing MAV – Siege on Blind Alley” or “Playing MAV – Garage”

    butt touches

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    Any singleplayer or multiplayer content with a goal or some sort of progression. A rank system, story, basic war mode, something funky fresh nobody expects, anything. I hunger for a hook to sink my teeth into. This is my nag.

    January 31, 2018 at 10:14 PM #144169
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    These don’t really have anything to do with 0.7.0 and are more general wish list ideas. That is fine, but it’s pretty off topic from what the title is.

    February 1, 2018 at 2:59 AM #144170
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    It’s the great nag list after the release of 0.7.0. We nag for the future.

    February 1, 2018 at 8:57 AM #144176
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    I don’t have much to nag about that is 0.7.0 specific. I hear the melee weapons are broken now but what other new problems have come up? The update fixed so much of the game that it’s hard to find things to complain about.

    As far as something new for the game, I agree that content to help retain new and returning players would be good. I think some more server control at the least would go a long way to keeping groups of people playing multiplayer for longer.

    February 3, 2018 at 8:42 AM #144238
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    Have the Build / Weapon / Paint buttons in the menu do the same cool visual effect that you get with Quick Battle when you hover over them. The same with the Main Menu button as that doesn’t have the glow effect like the Load and Save buttons do either.

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