The Great Naglist for 0.8.X

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    Time to bring the master naglist into the new generation of MAV! May the nagging of the 0.8.X updates begin!

    Let me begin with my nag / wishlist! πŸ˜€

    • Move the Part Panel button to the top bar of the garage with the other important buttons so you can easily click it again to close the part panel menu.
    • If you have an unset weapon in the garage and you click on the hex to open the weapon group menu it will not appropriately update the tab your currently in. Do this from paint or build and then try to go back to that section of the garage, you can’t unless you click on one of the other sections first.
    • Opening up the part panel moves the view center over still even though we can control where our view center is now.
    • Part research should open with “show all owned parts” set to off.
    • Leaving the research menu should minimize the research overlay in the garage or at least be used to display a fancy version of the part information / information about your build / comparison between a selected part “yellow border” and a part your hovering over in the part panel.
    • Attributes should be ordered as Weight / Health / Armor instead of Health / Armor Weight so it matches the order on part details.
    • Setting the weight attribute doesn’t work correctly when comparing chassis.
    • The saving menu doesn’t let you save over older versions of builds.
    • You can’t reorganize your builds.
    • Max Speed should have a ring around it with a 100% circle being the base speed and 200% (a second ring like how energy kinda works) being at 150% base speed (the fastest a chassis can go with 100% energy and 0% weight used) so you can see how fast your going vs how fast its advertised as going.
    • Fix the scrolling issue in the menues, using the scroll wheel when hovering over a menu with a scroll bar sucks, especially with how small the bar is!
    • The part ring could use more options.
    • There needs to be more stats tracked like Siege / Arena / Assault games Won / Played instead of a lump sum.
    • More stats.
    • The tutorial slideshow from previous versions and the garage tutorial are missing / you can’t redo them at a later date.
    • The map during the pre-game lobby doesn’t allow strategic pinging / drawing on it.
    • In the post game report it no longer shows you what you earned experience for, either return it or make your experience go up in one swoop.
    • In the post game player list extend the team color stripes further into the player screen or give a slight background colorization in dead areas so its easier to tell teams apart, they sort of blend together and I think we have a purple team in siege.
    • Bots don’t show score in singleplayer, #BotsScoreMatters
    • Double middle mouse clicking on a part could be a good way of “focusing” the camera on that part like how we hold down the middle mouse button to slide the camera around in the garage.
    • Pre-game and Post-game lobbies can take too long.
    • You broke X build with Y parts collision on Z’s update.
    • Needs a death limit option, #BattleRoyalArena
    • is missing heat threshold, company name, splash radius, impact heat, and actual parts such as hades.
    • Forum – There needs to be an easier way of private messaging people.
    • Forum – There needs to be an easier way of finding out if you have a private message.
    • Forum – Dark Theme
    • Website – No link to merchandising other than game codes.
    • Server Stability
    • Global Chat
    • Shortcut for /switchteam server command, “/st USERNAME”
    • update /addai for it to have more contextual options, /addai 5 red support, # = amount, red/blue/green/etc = team, and roletype names. Potentially have a shortcut for team# such as #1 and #2 for team 1 (red) and team 2 (blue) for when there are those 8 team arena matches, because colors are hard to remember when you go beyond the basic 4.
    • Add in a command /kickbots to kick all ai
    • Add in a command /shuffle to reorganize everyone into random teams
    • Add in a command /balance to reorganize teams to be a bit more balanced, maybe switch players around with high scores from last game to be on separate teams?
    • When opening the chatbox to type showing the last few chat messages on the screen can be helpful, they fade into oblivion when their timers run out so you can lose context on whats going on.
    • Let the save builds menu show an β€œThis name already exists, do you want to override that build?” message for garage management reasons.
    • Discord Rich Experience intergration
    • This would be great for showing off part health / where your being hit from / compass for the numpad / etc. IMMERSION!!!
    • Implement a basic serverapi for just getting information about the servers state, maybe allow the api to have chat access / admin chat access so you can remote /nextround and /reboot
    • Reimpliment the global profile api so laywers won’t be mad but Serge can work with it again for those who want to use the features I want to make with it!
    • Some sort of server api / something so I can send a current.mech file into something and get back an xml description, maybe allow it to build a mech with a valid xml description so I could make a remote designer that works! πŸ˜€
    • Pat yourself on the back.
    • Pat emulca on the back too, but not too much.
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    – Many usernames with a capital letter on the official website end up displaying without one in-game

    September 17, 2018 at 9:28 AM #146241
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    I second the Chroma and Discord integrations. (As far as secondary desires go).

    Discord over Chroma though, unless the Chroma implementation is abstract enough to also work for Logitech, Steelseries, Corsair, etc. Otherwise, expose an API that can be coded against and let the community make the plug-ins for the above mentioned RGB keyboards.


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    I want achievements. In the event war mode is too early to be handed out, I want achievements I can hunt in the meantime.

    January 6, 2019 at 11:59 AM #146495
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    I want an api so I could make a 3rd party war system.

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