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    So we’ve got long range sniper and close range shotgun + machinegun turrets, but we dont have the variety yet for territories.

    To start off I’d like three types / stages of turret chassis. Mobile “current”, semi permanent “bulkier base with more durability, and fortified “not movable, on pedicel type thing like the turrets in the battle of hoth or in chromehounds.

    These three stages allows us to reinforce how dugin an area is. in the beginning after capturing a fresh territory you might not have the time or resources to build up the stronger defenses so everything is laid out via deployables before the match type of deal.

    We could even potentially place a detachment of turrets along an outside section of the map if the attackers favor that side to soften them up before the actual battle starts.

    Then we can have things like long drawn out conflicts where both sides have a mismatch of fortified turrets.

    If not I’d at least want the one beefier turrets and we skip the middle stage.

    Now for weapons sniper rifles and the close range ones work but we can do more.

    Mortar turrets which have a 45 upward degree angle on their weapons (mortars or rockets) so their attacks travel slower do to a higher arc but they land more often then not on top of a MAV or around their chassis so you can have damage from both sides.

    These turrets would be great for placing on the opposite side of a wall and commanding them to fire over it to deal base damage or mess with enemies. Lots of potential for gutting out a base while no ones looking.

    The next turret is the howitzer one which goes hand in hand with the sniper one. It’s role is different than the mortar turret as it has a flatter arc so it can hit moving targets more reliably.

    Then finally we need another nice close range turret which I’d suggest either flamers with one gun facing a separate direction for a lovely wheel of death effect, just plop it down and watch enemies run away, also useful in bases near chromehounds.

    The other option is probably a smaller cannon (not bullots) one with maybe flamers on it, that way we have the shotgun / machinegun one where the long reload is in close quarters and the flamer/cannon one which has the long reload at mid range.

    Anyway what are your guys thoughts? also how would you,like the placement of turrets and stuff? Prefab locations, choosable spawn here circles, forge from halo, other?

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