"Why We Fight"- fan-made introductory video

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    Tewdrig mentioned interest on the Discord in this, so here we go.

    For a long time now (like a year or more) I’ve had an idea floating around in my head of, well, an intro cinematic for MAV. Now, I’m not a part of the production team, and so I don’t have any official backing for this- add to that the fact that my own personal headcanon of MAV and the revolution is rather different from Cyberdog’s (and only a little different from the PROFESSIONAL WRITER’S version)…

    In any case- this is probably not going to become officially sanctioned, but I want to do it anyways.

    Here’s the script, as it stands currently. It’s rough (like, super rough) because I tend to write a little stream-of-consiousness when doing writing projects, but I hope it gets the idea across.

    Feel free to give comments, constructive criticism. Note that I don’t intend for this to follow the given lore perfectly- this is based on how I’d like for the story to go, not necessarily how it will be. And Europa is a frozen ice-moon in my version. Nyarnyar.

    Okay, start: dark screen. Light comes on. Interrogation room, woman winces in light.


    over intercom, Man says, “We know you’re with the resistance. Start talking.”

    Claire speaks: “All we ever wanted, was a home. A world to call our own.”
    BOOM! Jupiter, music suddenly cuts in (Jupiter, bringer of Jollity? from The Planets

    suite), sweep around to see Europa come into view, with tiny ships in orbit. Cut, pan

    across industrial landscape.

    “But you never intended for this world to be OURS, did you?”- sweep goes across a huge

    “Property of” style sign, of the govs/’bad guy’ logo. Cut back to Claire in room.

    “I remember when I was little,”- cut to young!Claire in greenhouses- “I visited gardens,

    hidden deep in the ice”- little running hands across hydroponics, face lighted by the

    glow. “I didn’t know they were illegal, didn’t know why they were secret.”- this during

    Adult!Claire in room segment. View from camera?

    “Such a wonderful place should be shared with everybody! I thought”- now cut back to

    Young!Claire, eating fresh lettuce “And the taste of the vegetables they grew, so much

    better than the paste you sold.”

    “But one day, an alarm went off. My sister shoved me into a cabinet, hidden. But the

    door was open, just a crack. I could see…” Show Earthen troops busting up the place-

    shadows on Claire’s face, cutaway/discretion shots.

    Back to Present Room! “It was two days (weeks?) before anyone found me.”

    Past: “I had to wash blood off the crushed plants to survive.”

    Room: “And all because you couldn’t STAND the thought of us being self-sufficient.” slams

    hands on table, glares at camera.

    Show Miners waiting outside commisaries, working, tables with little food. “You had to

    keep us controlled, keep us in your debt, keep us your slaves.”

    Shows them gearing up, converting MMVs into MAVs “That is why we fight. That is why we

    will never stop. Not until we have taken this world from you, and Europa stands proud as

    a liberated world, all her peoples free from your tyranny.”

    Back to Room- Claire being a little smug: “Really, I feel sorry for you. You think

    you’re just doing your job, but we can’t see it that way. And so you’ll either go back to

    your sorry mudball of a planet, or you’ll die here, your body and blood becoming dirt for

    our crops.”

    Sounds of fighting- explosions, gunshots outside wall.

    “Either way, you’ll never understand.”

    Wall busts down, MAV drives through, opens, pilot tosses Claire a helmet, she climbs up.

    Last shot of MAV leaving busted room, from camera again- Claire voiceover

    “this is why we fight.”

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    I like it!

    For sure a character evolution of Claire, but I think the tone of the piece matches well!

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    I had this concept in mind before I learned of Claire, but she seemed to fit the mold pretty well, so I slid her in. (Like, seriously, the character I wrote for this was straight up a female Europa native with an older sister).

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    Nice work… good visuals drawn from words…. fits my definition of art…. the transfer and amplification of emotional energy trough a conduit media that continues to resonate.

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