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    April 17, 2016 at 3:52 PM #130453
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    I know you’ve seen Angry Joes video about Chromehounds, but I was wondering if you’ve heard anything back from him? I know he could be great for marketing because he’s so passionate about games he likes. I just downloaded the demo and am unsure about buying or not, not positive if the demo is up to latest date or not and even if it isn’t the only problem I really had with it was lack of sound effects but I believe you mentioned that’s being taken care of. I am a veteran CH player so I’m very tempted to support this development. Like I said, the only thing missing from the demo’s standpoint was sound effects like the mech walking or a “Camera Sound” when you zoom in or move the gun-cam like in Chromehounds. I feel like these sounds would just add to it ALOT. So if that’s being taken care of I’m sure you will get more views.