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M.A.V. is a 3rd person Mech Action game focused on teamwork and fine tuning your M.A.V. to perfectly work with your own play style. Players take the controls of their personal Modular Assault Vehicle (M.A.V.) and battle it out, fighting a war for freedom. There are several game modes available including, the free-for-all Arena mode, the team based Siege Mode, and the much anticipated Campaign Mode.


M.A.V. has been a labor of love, by a one man team. It is inspired by many great mech games in the past, including the Xbox 360 launch title Chrome Hounds. M.A.V. started out as a dare, a personal challenge to show what one person could do if they were dedicated. It has now grown into something much more.


  • Full Customization of your M.A.V. It's like Legos, but you are building a machine of destruction
  • Single player or Multiplayer with AI bots, in all game modes
  • A sophisticated AI that learns and adapts to player behaviors
  • Campaign mode will feature a persistent war for resources and territories
  • Hundreds of parts available so you can build the perfect M.A.V. for you
  • Frequent updates add new gameplay!


Howitzer Firing improvements YouTube

6v6 Chromehounds Memorial Battle YouTube

Rise of the Heaxpod - Join the Revolution! YouTube

Trying on the Commander role YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    M.A.V. has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Since childhood you’ve imagined it, drawing up lists and doodling designs on your schoolbooks, imagining what name you’d use, awaiting the day when all this would come true. It’s finally here. You can do it. Embrace it. Build the killbot of your dreams in M.A.V.."
        - Alice O'Connor , Rock Paper Shotgun
      • "This one could be big."
        - Dominic Tarason, The Indie Game Mag
      • "As it stands, M.A.V. seems like it could make for a nice mid-point between the hyper-complexity (and, as a result, absurd potential for customization) of Chromehounds and the more easily accessible action of other mech standouts."
        - Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun

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