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Bombdog Studios is an independent game development studio centered around making awesome games everyday.


The Bombdog Studios Team

Development Team

Chad Mauldin is currently the lead and only programmer of Bombdog Studios. On the forums and in-game, he is seen through the username Cyberdogs7.

To maximize development time and quality of both current and future products, art assets are generally sourced out to other companies for their superior quality.

Any account related issue or log file should be sent to

Community Team

Users LegacyElite84, SergeDavid, and Anvildude are all veteran players of M.A.V., and have had a great influence in both aiding and planning with the community. All three of these players currently exist as moderators on the official forums..

While also being a moderator, LegacyElite84 is also the Community Manager for Bombdog Studios.

Any questions or concerns regarding the community of M.A.V., including official events, should be E-mailed to For server oriented questions, SergeDavid should be messaged through the official forums. Alternatively, any of the moderators can be contacted through the official forums for any general questions.

Here is a picture of CyberDogs7 the lead programmer of M.A.V. taken from one of the development streams on