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Chat Commands

To enter a chat command for a multiplayer server you'll have to open the chat box [default is currently C] and then type in "/commandName arguments" then press enter to send it to the server.



Only players listed on the server config file as an admin can use these commands. The line in the config file should look like this with individuals separated by the ; character. "Admin=SergeDavid;Cyberdogs7;"


This will shutdown the server and restart it with the same settings that are featured in the server config file. This is good if anything is messing up such as a team not spawning or objects aren't being cleaned up between rounds.

/kick NAME

Removes a player or bot from the server, you must type out the full username though it is not case sensitive.


Adds a random roletype and difficulty AI to the server. They will automatically join the team the server believes has the least number of players. If you add an ai during a siege match they will join as a spectator until the round is over.


This is an alternative version of addai which you can pick the role type to use. The names are not case sensitive but require the whole word to be written out. If you type in a bad name it will use a random roletype instead.
  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Scout
  • Sniper
  • Support
  • Engineer or Commander


This command will instantly set the time remaining to 0:00 and end the current battle. It does not currently speed up between round sections such as the post game report and pre game lobbies.

/switchteam NAME TEAMID

This command only works during the pregame lobby and you must spell out the whole name though capitalization isn't required.
  • 1 = blue team
  • 2 = red team
  • 3 = yellow team
  • 4 = green team
  • etc up to team# 30 which is the Cerberus team.