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This is a long over due post, hopfully answering the questions you have. If I don't address something here, please feel free to ask!

I will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.

Who are you?

My name is Chad Mauldin. Hi! I have been working in the 'AAA' industry for some time now and I am breaking away to start creating my own games.

Who is in BombDog Studios?

Just me so far!

Is M.A.V. finished?

No, M.A.V. is currently In Development. This means the game is not perfectly stable all the time and it is being worked on continuously. This also means there are weekly updates, adding new things to the game and also fixing bugs. [Updates are on Wednesdays, unless there is something really bad happening.]

I just bought the game. How do I download it?

Just log back into your user page and instead of a buy button you will see a link to download the latest version of the game.

So I downloaded it, how do I install it?

M.A.V. is compressed into a common format called .ZIP. there are several free programs that will open this file and allow you to 'extract' the files. I prefer using 7zip as it is free and open source. Once you have extracted the files, just run MAV.exe and you are up and running.

Help! I got an update and everything is buggy!

If you overwrite the old MAV files with a new update, windows will not always read the differences in the data files, causing some of the new files NOT being copied. At this time, it is my recommendation to delete the old MAV folder and install the update fresh. Eventually, this will be made into a more optimized process.

I tried to play a multiplayer game but I couldn't find anything

While there are several members of the community hosting multiplayer servers, there is currently no guaranteeing that there will be a server online. You can always start one and people may join your game!

What port do I need to host a M.A.V. server?

M.A.V. servers currently need port 25002 open in order to allow clients to connect with it.

For versions newer than and including 0.5.13_2 the port is 26001

I am trying to run a server and it instantly crashes!

Running the Server with a GUI requires a minimal level graphics card, something that is missing on a lot of servers. To run the server in 'noGUI' mode, create a shortcut to MAV.exe and append the path to include these options:

MAV.exe SiegeServer -batchmode - nographics

Something happened that I really don't think should have happened. What do I do?

Sounds like you found a bug! If possible, try and get a screen shot of the bug by pressing 'F9'. This will save a picture into the ScreenShots folder in your MAV install location.

Next, go to the bug section and write up a small sentence or two about what happened to cause the bug. If you really think the bug is horrible, go ahead and send an email to MAV@Bombdogstudios.com, and attach the output_log.txt file that is found in the MAV_data folder of the MAV install location. I will respond to you to let you know I received the bug report and I will get on fixing it as soon as possible.

What are the System Requirements

The current minimum supported system requirements are as follows:

Windows 7 intel core 2 2.4GHz or equivalent 4GB RAM GTX 8800 or equivalent 512MB dedicated video memory

Since the project is in active development, these are likely to change, however I don't feel they will ever go BELOW this and I will make every effort possible for the game to run smoothly with this setup.

What is Glacier Senpai?

Glacier Senpai otherwise referred to as #OneTrueGlacier is the symbol of a religious movement born on Europa. It is commonly depicted as a mountain of ice with a red MAV or a tongue on its side. It started off as a joke but as the movement grew Glacier Senpai has been becoming an ever increasing presence in the MAV community. The last time a vote was taken on MAV's facebook fan group Glacier Senpai was voted #1 as M.A.V.'s Mascot.