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Building a M.A.V.


Each M.A.V. requires a chassis and a cockpit which you generally can only place one of each.

Besides that there are five indicators at the top of the garage.

  • Overweight - If red then your chassis cannot support the amount of weight you've placed on it.
  • Not Enough Energy - If red then the power generation is not enough to supply your needs. Either unequip some higher energy requirement parts or equip more generators.
  • Weapons not assigned - If red then you have weapons that are not assigned to a weapon group. This is to stop the all to common mistake of joining a game without working guns.
  • Cockpit Misaligned - Your cockpit must be facing forward and upright. If it is rotated such as upside down or facing left then it will become translucent yellow and your build will be invalid.
  • Parts Intersecting - If red two or more parts are colliding, these parts will show up as translucent red.

Add Parts


Set Weapon Groups

In order to validate a MAV that has weapons equipped you'll need to assign each weapon to at least one weapon group. After your cockpit is connected to your MAV the number of groups are displayed in the Weapon Group menu. If you click on a group it will expand to show all of the slots that are in the group.

To add a weapon to a group simply click on the desired slot and then click on a weapon. Weapons that are not connected to any group will be highlighted in yellow and weapons already in the current group will be highlighted in black. If you select a weapon that is already in the group then it will move to the selected slot.

It is advised that if you have extra slots to use them to double up weapon groups with a different weapon in slot 1. This way if the gun camera is broken or damaged in one group it might not be broken in one of the other groups.

Another option is to group weapons in a way that offsets the attack. An example is if you had 6 howitzers group 1 would be 2 guns, group 2 wound be 3 guns with one of them being a gun from group 1, and group 3 would be all 6. In this way if you go group 1, 2, 3 then you can shoot with an offset of 2/2/2 without switching groups. Or you could do group 2 then 3 and have an offset of 3/3, or just use group 3 for a large strike of all 6 howitzers at once.

If you do not have a weapon in slot 1 then the next weapon will be used as the camera.


All MAV parts come originally in a standardized green which can then be changed depending on the owners preference. You can apply a solid color on a per part basis. There are also patterns available that use between 2 and 4 colors to even further customize your paint scheme.

Some popular paint schemes include

  • Hazard Stripes (Black and Yellow)
  • Ladybug (dot pattern with a red background and black dots)
  • Banana's
  • Solid White

Limited Camouflage

Some patterns are not available to everyone due to them being locked for special events or account levels. It is possible in the future that they can be opened up at a later date but currently they are limited.

  • $500 Camouflage - This camouflage pattern is a solid shining gold pattern that is usable by only those who have bought the game during the Alpha-1 stage for no additional money.
  • Digital Hexagon - This camouflage pattern is a two color hexagonal pattern that interconnects with itself that was given to those who have backed the kickstarter campaign at the Sponsor level or higher.

User Created Camouflage

The 6th official community hosted contest on the bomdogdstudios forums to design cool or functional camo patterns. Many designs where submitted and a lot of cool ones where voted for and added to the game.

These patterns include

  • Banana (4 color)
  • Fuzzy (4 color)
  • Ultrafunctional "Hazard Stripes" (4 colors)


To date there are three bugs with the camo system, the first involves white lines that appear on the part which is fixed on a Unity 5 version of the shader. The second is that camo patterns and colors don't completely get copied when parts are duplicated. The final one is that the preview and sliders for setting colors does not always show the correct color correctly. The best bet is to apply the paint to a spare piece of armor and just readjust the sliders until it gets the consistency you like.

Save / Load Builds

Auto Generate

This button in the garage creates an almost completely usable MAV that the bots use. Occasionally there will collision errors due to part changes. Also no weapons are assigned to a weapon group so in order to play with the automatically generated build.

It is advises that newer players experiment with auto generated builds before diving into building a MAV from scratch.



This part of the game is currently under construction and is likely to be changed. Your profile shows you your stats, level, and rank along with other information about your account. It currently only shows your rank image, name, level progress, and several stats though not all of them are currently being tracked.